I always thought I was just abnormal and the only one that had this problem.

As a child I would always tell my parents when I did something wrong. I didnt know why I had to, I just knew if I didn’t I would get no peace.


I survived a long time without thinking about it when I got older I told myself I didnt have to confess because I am older and can do whatever I want and keep It a secret.

This caused me to go down a dark path. I did whatever I wanted and kept It a secret and It didn’t bother me.

But now i have A fiancé and I’m cleaning up my life and the compulsions are back. I feel Like I have to tell him anything and everything that comes to mind. Some things that are just crazy suck like picking my nose or my hand dirty.

I am trying to tell myself that there are certain things that can be kept personal and they don’t have to be “confessed”. But I am truly struggling with It.

Anybody else have a similar issue?

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  1. aloneforevernew 2 years ago

    It’s called proving your innocence and you can get it if you feel self conscious or they only ask you questions about yours elf. Try to ask them more questions about them instead of what they think about you. Some people call it getting into the habit of doing a mistake and then clearing it up then you repeat this cycle. All you have to do i s be more curious about them instead of yourself and don’t feel like your being nosey when you ask them a lot of questions.

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