Why dad, why have you never been there for me or my 3 brothers?

Why did you leave me when i was just 6 months old, why did you abuse my mum and me, and my brothers and your ex wife, the one who had cancer? why dont you care about me? was i hard to love? i just want answers but i know you wont reply. i know you're having the time of your life out in the cayman islands, sunning it up with your wife of ten years. how come for YEARS on end when i was younger and you first moved out there you let me ring you up asking 'when you coming home daddy?' and you laugh and say i dont know, soon! then me hanging up, crying all night, and you've never come back. i accept that now.

How come it was me that always had to ring you, email you.. if i didnt then i'd get a load of abuse because i didn't contact you? aren't yo supposed to be the parent and contact YOUR daughter. Great, one of your sons was born to late and had to get pulled from the womb and now has a walking disiblity. he's very very low self esteem because of it, we ALL just wanted your love. what gives you the right to call me a slag and call him a gimp in arguments?

How come when i rang you up when i was 12 YEARS OLD and told you i was raped, crying down the phone and all you said was, 'Shit, are you ok?' then moved on to another subject? theres SO much you dont know about me 'DAD'. SO much. My mums the one thats been to all my school plays, parents evening, awards evening. you've been to non. I hope you have a great life, because i hate mine. :'(

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  1. ElleCe 9 years ago

    Guys, thank you. You both don't realise how much hope both your comments have given me! When I wrote that, I was literally at the bottomn, my thoughts were ruining me and I wanted to give up, but knowing someones out there giving me those words of wisdom it enlightens me to actually carry on and make something of myself, prove him wrong! I love my mum millions, and I definately don't wanna let her down. Justbreathegee your comment was lovely and I so so much appreciate it!!! Also will_b, you know your a friend of mine and I can always rely on your amazing words. Thank you both. Me too, can't wait for the happiness.

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