Read this convo:

matthew (4/23/2009 10:38:14 PM): i wantcha babies C;
Kat (4/23/2009 10:38:25 PM): huh?
matthew (4/23/2009 10:38:46 PM): this is clouds frend tyler
Kat (4/23/2009 10:38:56 PM): ok
matthew (4/23/2009 10:39:31 PM): cloud being matt lol i call him by his last name bc its awesomeness
Kat (4/23/2009 10:40:14 PM): ok
matthew (4/23/2009 10:40:39 PM): ur a quiet one arent cha
Kat (4/23/2009 10:40:51 PM): obviously
matthew (4/23/2009 10:41:16 PM): y is thay my dear
Kat (4/23/2009 10:41:30 PM): preferance

matthew (4/23/2009 10:41:40 PM): to?
Kat (4/23/2009 10:41:56 PM): i prefer it
matthew (4/23/2009 10:42:22 PM): u arent quiet with cloud err matt
Kat (4/23/2009 10:42:46 PM): because i know who he is
matthew (4/23/2009 10:43:41 PM): so bc u dont know me u wont talk like normal with me
Kat (4/23/2009 10:44:02 PM): thats right
matthew (4/23/2009 10:44:38 PM): u didnt know him at first either
Kat (4/23/2009 10:45:04 PM): yes at first but i do now
matthew (4/23/2009 10:45:31 PM): then its the same w ith me

Kat (4/23/2009 10:45:38 PM): ok
matthew (4/23/2009 10:46:51 PM): sooo yeah ur a prep by my standards
Kat (4/23/2009 10:47:26 PM): no. just the cautious type
matthew (4/23/2009 10:48:10 PM): u shouldnt have to be with a friends friend
Kat (4/23/2009 10:48:38 PM): i’ve heard than before
Kat (4/23/2009 10:48:43 PM): that*
matthew (4/23/2009 10:49:53 PM): ur abit emo u should get out of that ya know
Kat (4/23/2009 10:50:27 PM): look, i’ve been through alot of stuff ok? i have reasons to be the way i am. and yes i am emo. why does that matter?
matthew (4/23/2009 10:51:14 PM): bc emo ppl bitch about things unessarerly (typo)
Kat (4/23/2009 10:51:32 PM): some do. i don’t
matthew (4/23/2009 10:52:03 PM): your a attention wanter then

Kat (4/23/2009 10:52:16 PM): quite the opposite
matthew (4/23/2009 10:52:39 PM): like id ever believe that look at your headline
Kat (4/23/2009 10:53:49 PM): here’s a tip, don’t judge a book by its cover
matthew (4/23/2009 10:54:41 PM): here’s a better one dont be an attention wanting girl with nothing to do but bitch
Kat (4/23/2009 10:55:58 PM): i don’t bitch about things. i say it as it is. and for your information my "headline" is a quote from something.
matthew (4/23/2009 10:57:43 PM): i’m sitting here reading clouds history with you all youv done is bitch about angel or w/e and yeah he’s understanding and listen but dude cmon clouds got issues of his own if anyone deserves to want solitude and peace from everything its him but he stays sane and my best bud and im checking in to certain things other friends on here do it too and i can see why some come to him bc he has had the

matthew (4/23/2009 10:57:53 PM): same bad experiences and more
Kat (4/23/2009 10:58:44 PM): again, i don’t bitch. i tell it as it is.
matthew (4/23/2009 11:00:25 PM): dont tell him what it is bc i’m tired of ppl using him as a dumpster for their probs he has no one NO ONE iv tried but he tells me its his cross to burden no one elses
matthew (4/23/2009 11:00:56 PM): seems selfish to push it on someone elses mind about what your probs are he thinks about it and how to fix it
Kat (4/23/2009 11:01:40 PM): i asked him for help. he didn’t have to help he chose to
matthew (4/23/2009 11:02:22 PM): bc he is considerate he saw you in distress which i dont see why your probs are small considered to others
matthew (4/23/2009 11:02:53 PM): i hate cloud for that he shouldnt care about other ppl as much as he does he shouldnt its gonna drive him mad
Kat (4/23/2009 11:03:52 PM): so its a sin to want to help other people?
matthew (4/23/2009 11:05:02 PM): its not but he does it too much he cares too much about them he should care about friends family ppl he knows thats it i dont consider you a friend youv done fucked up shit to him lying then wanting him to talk to you and all that bull
matthew (4/23/2009 11:05:27 PM): he talked to this lady that was crying bc she was and he helped but i dont see why he should
Kat (4/23/2009 11:06:09 PM): i had reasons to do that
Kat (4/23/2009 11:06:35 PM): you have NO fucking idea what i’ve been through so leave me alone!
matthew (4/23/2009 11:07:01 PM): funniest part you didnt even care that you lied to him and hurt him
Kat (4/23/2009 11:07:57 PM): you think i don’t care???? i spent at least a week messed up about it. i still am.
matthew (4/23/2009 11:08:56 PM): like id believe that he cared enough that hed believe you he still has trust in everyone but that set him back about i wouldnt have blamed him if he didnt trust anyone for awhile
Kat (4/23/2009 11:09:37 PM): i didn’t want to hurt him.
matthew (4/23/2009 11:09:54 PM): and no you wanna know what issues is talk to him about his bio dad at the age of 7 ok
matthew (4/23/2009 11:10:31 PM): i won’t even step over the line of saying that without his say so
Kat (4/23/2009 11:11:15 PM): we all have our problems ok? we deal with it the best we can.
matthew (4/23/2009 11:11:21 PM): he’s coming back now so im going to close this chat and open a new one do as you please
matthew (4/23/2009 11:11:42 PM): and learn to manage yours better
Kat (4/23/2009 11:11:51 PM): whatever


Try and tell me he isn’t a fucking asshole!!!!!!!

Guess i’m just an attention-wanting-emo-bitch!!!!!! fine then, have a nice life.

xxxxx Kat xxxxx

  1. Downwardspiral 13 years ago

    ohmygod…i feel like killing that guy……god …i haven”t seen something so ignorant and retarded in a long time..i really sorry you have to deal with people like that

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  2. WadeAlexander72 13 years ago

    Thank you very much. You”ve finally killed and buried any desire I ever had to go to a chat room. I hate those things, and from time to time I kind of thing of going to one for the hell of it. Why not, it can”t be that bad, I tell myself….but I was wrong. They”re worse!

    You get deviants, jackasses, know-it-alls, people who make ignorant people look brilliant, etc. Ugh.

    He IS an asshole and thanks for reminding me why I hate chat rooms!!!


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