One of my husbands friends tried to kill herself last night. She cut her wrists so bad that when the ambulance got there she was covered from head to toe in blood. They said that if they didn’t get there when they did she would have died within another 10 minutes. It sucks because she lives in GA so we can’t go and see her because that is a 16 hour drive for us. I guess no one is allowed to see her for 72 hours for some reason. We can’t even talk to her and I know they won’t tell us anything. We don’t know where she is going to end up after they let her out. Her mother could care less about her and she has no one else. She has a few friends but she can’t stay with them and I know they won’t release her unless she has someone to stay with. She can’t stay on her own for fear of she might do it again. I don’t know how the hospitals work in GA but I know up here if you have no one to stay with they won’t release you. Her mother is probably going to try to send her to a mental institution or a rehab. That is her mothers answer to everything. I don’t know what to do I really can’t do anything. I have never dealt with something like this before. I’m glad that her friend called 911 when she did otherwise she would have been dead. I just feel so helpless because I know that she has no one and she is alone. She was suppose to come up here on Thursday but now I don’t know how that is going to happen she can’t get out of the hospital until Friday I think. Does anyone know how long a hospital holds you or what happens after you try to kill yourself. Please let me know what you think will happen from here.

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  1. Dana06 13 years ago

    I know from experience that it is about 72 hours.  Between stabilizing her and getting a dr in there to treat her and maybe medicate her takes a bit of time.  I hope that she gets the help.  Just remember she has you.

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