I had got into a bunch of trouble with my ex boyfriend. Im 19, and he is 21. It all started when one night we went out drinking. I was at work and he had called me to tell me that he didnt want to be with me anymore. I started crying and didnt understand what I had done wrong. eventually we got back together that night.
My OLD friend had started a rumor saying that him and her had been fooling around, so I confronted her in a "text message" and told her to stop because I knew it wasnt true.
Well, short story, he didn't like the fact that I was starting "drama", and he broke up with me AGAIN. IN THE SAME NIGHT. I was intoxicated and went down to the house that he was at and asked if he would talk to me. He wouldn't even give me the time or day. So I ended up punching him 9 times in the face. I called the cops on myself because I knew what i had done was wrong, and i was going to take all the blame for it. The cops knew I was drunk, and had asked me who bought the alcohol. I had lied to them and said that he didnt buy me the alcohol. (which he did), and the cops finally got out of me that he bought the alcohol. He got supplying to minors, and I had got a P.U.L.A, which is a possession under leagal age (alcohol). i texted him and told him i was sorry and wish we could talk things through, and we did. We got back together and then the cops had charged him with supplying to minors, he broke up with me and told the cops he wanted NO contact with me at all, I didn't care what he had said, i was going to make contact with him anyways. And I had texted him one day with my mom and said that I hope we can talk and everything, he had called me and talked to me (not in a nice way), but usually when someone is hurt and upset they say what they have to say and hang up. he never hung up. he kept talking. like he missed me or something. eventually he said he was going to get a restraining order on me, and he never did. This all happen 2 months ago. The night after all this had happend I found out i was pregnant and I was scared for my life. I never told him. and Eventually I had a misscarriage, and I told him. He didn't believe me. a couple weeks after that i started to have sharp cramps in my stomach and was rushed to the E.R, I tried getting a hold of him then. Obviously no text back OR call back. It's been really hard for me, I just NEEED to talk to him again, and be with him again. i also text him almost every weekend, and he still doesnt ever reply.:( he has contacted me a couple times to get him stuff back from my house. And i always tell him im busy or something. and now when i tell him to come get it, he still wont even contact me or anything. I have been searching everywhere and I cant find any help for my situation. We have been together for 2 years, and all I need is him. please help. I'm possibly going crazy right now.


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