She has won, they forclosed on my house the sale was TODAY…  But, she will not stop.  I have not seen my children in two weeks now.  She has called everyone "including the police" and has everyone stired up and worried.  I just want to be left alone now, she left and took my kids, I was deployed for Christ sake, I could do NOTHING!  She took all the money, she paid none of the bills!!!  She moved in 3 guys while I was gone according to my neighbor and now is living with one of them she flew here with MY MONEY, in the projects drawing welfare and now….  She has filed for child support.  The cops will not help me, she has commited fraud multiple times over and the state does what NOTHING!  I give up…  She calls me and SCREAMS at me then calls back and says how worried she is.  She itells me how bad of a father I am then turns around and says how much the kids miss me…  God I miss my kiddos….  Justin, Miranda 2, 4, I was deployed and all I could think of was getting back to them…  Now I am here and it would seem they are father away then while I was gone.  I love them so much…  She wont stop…  She will not leave me alone…  No one will help me, they are throwing state aid at her like its candy.  She was living in my house drawing my checks and had food stamps saying I abandoned her and the kids…!!!  What is wrong with this world!  God PLEASE help me!!!!  God please help her, open her eyes and mind to you and your will.  I cannot go on like this.  I have lost everything.  Wounded while deployed gone 14 almost 15 months comming back to shambles of what life was.  A shadow.  I am nothing but a shadow of who I was.  My parents came to the house, they are sturn and harsh, wonderful people and parents but, not what I needed right now.  I have closed myself off from everyone, people tell me not to be ashamed, but I cant help but be embarrased of this.  Why God why wont she leave me alone…  I think she is TYING to push me over the edge.  I dont know what to do.  I am numb, lost, and depressed.  Afraid I may be chaptered medical soon out of the ARMY.  Then I really would have nothing.  At all.  Period…

People are evil, I am not by nature a Transendentalist; however, people are all evil.  Driven by selfish means and desires, hate, lust, greed, in the end we all service ourselves.  Some people dont care what they have to do or how to get to what THEY want apparently, even if that is destroying someone completely.  I hate this place…  Why?  I have never intentionally TRIED to HURT or use someone.  Why has she done this, why wont she LEAVE ME ALONE, when will it be better and I be with my children, when will this NUMBNESS stop?  I cant do anything right now at all…  I cant even breath without pushing it.  I have no one else to talk to that would understand, so I have turned to you all.  Those who have responded THANK YOU…..

I need her to stop, I need this toend!  I cant take it, I am loosing my mind.  And, my children, GOD protect them and please bring them home to me soon….

All Good Things



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