Zach's play was really cute this morning. He did so well with his lines and singing his songs! I was really proud of him. He's such a wonderful kid. 🙂 Today he's spending with his grandma and grandpa because I doubled my dose of Abilify this morning and might end up knocked out again like when I first started it. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it goes and be patient. I hope this one works for me…if not it's going to be trying another medicine, AGAIN. I hate that.

Today I'm not having the desire to cut ~ yaaaay! I guess praying about it helped a lot. When I get really depressed I stop praying, talking, interacting…that's why I don't answer phone calls (sorry guys, it'snot that I don't love you). I know that's what I do need, to talk to people, but sometimes I just can't make myself do it.

Making myself listen to mellow music today, even though I want sad. I know that it doesn't help me any, but that's what my heart calls for. Any suggestions for artists I should check out besides Enya? I love piano, guitar, etc…so I'm open to anything new. Right now I'm listening to Sara McLachlan and Tracy Chapman.

We have a front moving through. Yesterday it looked like it was going to snow if it had been 20 degrees colder, and it was the same this morning, but now the sun is out finally and it's breezy, cool and small white puffy clouds scooting quickly across the sky. It's pretty. Maybe the worst of the depression has passed. I haven't been able to enjoy the outdoorslately and couldn't see the beauty in anything ~ everything was bleak and gray to me. Now there's some color back and I mildly enjoy it.

So, so far today is a little better. Let's hope it continues on the same track. And by the way, that "new" couch? It's SO comfortable! Going to be my new sleeping in the sun spot I think. I'm going to try it out today ~ bring a pillow and a light blanket and take my nap there. The sound of the breeze, the windchimes in the distance and the warmth from the sun will make it enjoyable.

That's it for now. Thank you all for your last set of comments on my blog. I really appreciate it. Have a good day and take care of yourself too… that's my goal today; to take care of myself and be easy.

Love and ((hugs)) to all who want them;

~ Key


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