A relaitotnship which seemed perfect now has a big cloud loomiing over it. Maybe it was never meant to be. He has cleaned my house, washed me, fed me, made me laugh, been the bestt friend I thought I could have, but now he is brreaking my heart by telling me thhat he might have to break up with me because he has other things he feels tto do in his life and that i would not fit in with that. I heard this this morning. I was brave at first and toldhim, I wanted him to be happy, then I stoic, and then hurt. Now I am angry…..and wondering if there are guys outt there who would love tto be married and commit to someone fot the rest of their lives and not fear becoming distant , but plan on becoming closer and closer, and looking forwarrd to it. I don't know what to do. I have to keep taking good care of my Daughter and myself, but as far as he goes, I don't know what I want to give of myself….if notthing happens butt giving and losing….I don't want to lose myself in loving him and gettttting rejected. I don't know whhat to do. Maybe I will figue it out. This all started because I told him that I hearrd thatt good communication kept couple togetthher. this doesn't seem to be helping. I don' tknow what tto do orr how to feel. before I respected myself and felt I was being treated with respect. Now itt is like the ttwighlight zone….I am scared off not rrespecting myself again….tthis time in a different way. Now I feel that I deserve at the the effort of working toward commitmentt, not someone who is really indifferent. What to do, to keep myself healthy and happy?


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