The husband & I finally went to small claims court this past Friday against the owner of the pit bull that attacked our Gwen . We all testified as to what happened on October 23rd , the aniaml control officer that was on duty the night Gwen was attack testified to Gwen's injuries . The officer testified that the owner of the pit bull had his dog out on the proper off leash , apparently the dog was provoked by something , our Gwen was at the mail box on her leash with my husband , that was when the pit bull saw our Gwen & went for her & attacked her , the officer explained to the court that when the dog left the owner's property un leashed , the dog automatically violated the county leash law . The owner of the pit bull tried to state that our Gwen bit him but there was no evidence to prove of this so his statement didn't hold any water . It only took the judge 5 minutes to come back with a judgement for the owner of the pit bull , when he did , the judge ruled in my favor & told the owner of the pit bull that he would pay me one thousand eighteen hundred dollars which is how much Gwen's medical bills are , he has ten years to pay this off , he is to pay it to the small claims court & in turn the small claims court then sends me a check , I in turn put it towards the care credit card that I was forced to take out towards Gwen's medical expenses . I was thankful that the owner didn't given any problems with paying Gwen's medical bills & that he didn't try to drag out the process , we were in & out of the court room with in about 20 minutes .. Another bit of good news is I part of Jack Russell group of Facebook , one of the ladies on this group created a gofundme page for Gwen to help with her medical bills , about 4 -5 people donated money , not many , well they raised about $ 300.00 the lady messaged me on facebook over the Thanksgiving holiday & stated that all of them in the group wanted me & Gwen to have this money & that this money was donated with love . I had her send the check in my moms name & my mom got the check yesterday , my mom & I are splitting half of the money , my mom will get half & the rest will go towards Gwen's christmas . I have never felt so much love in my life from people I have never met & people whom have never met my Gwen . The last money or so has been very trying , going through this horrible tragedy with my Gwen , has brought us closer together as , in Janaury she will be 2 1/2 year old & come June 22nd she will turn 3 years old I never knew how much i truly loved her until I faced the night that I thought she might not make it , the night she went in for emergency surgery , I prayed the whole night , I prayed that the doctor wouldn't find any internal bleeding & no internal dmanage , the first 24 hours after surgery was the roughest & that first week was the hardest , once we got through the first week I knew she was going to be ok & I knew then that the hardest part was over , then once we got through that 2nd week , that we were out of the roughest part & that everything from there was going to be better . Through this whole entire thing my Gwen has shown me how tough she really is , I'm just her cheerleader on the side lines rooting her on . Its amazing what our dogs teach us


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