Have you ever heard of emotional support animals? I had a cat named Bow, sadly I had to give him up to do medical issues. I am finding that without my furry companion my anxiety is up again, since I was on here last I eloped, we are renting a room off of a friend and after I had to give up my kitty our roommate/landlord told me that I can not have another one.

I will tell you a little about my life.

me and my husband rent a small room, there are 7 of us in the house and one of my roommates is loud and creepy, he keeps walking out of the bathroom naked in front of me, he eats my food and is loud all night. My husband and myself are going through hard times and are unable to move due to his unemployment and the lack of jobs where we live. I am uncomfortable in my own home and dread the idea of leaving my room. As of late my anxiety has been getting worse due to my living conditions and the fact that I am unhappy with my job, losing my baby bow seems to have put me over the top, I have had the shakes and am fighing myself to stop pulling out my hair.

My anxiety is setting off severe panic attacks, I feel like I need my furry purring cuddle buddy to calm down. I have always had a cat and they have always been able to soothe me when I get like this, not even my husband is able to calm me.

I don't know what to do, I can hardly breathe, my skin is red and splitting from scratching, and I have less hair than I did before my anxiety heightened severely.


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