It’s crazy how I thought you cared. We used to be inseparable. No one could tear us apart. When I cried, you gave me tissues to wipe away my tears. Whenever I was sad, you slipped me chocolate to help bring a smile on my face. When I was angry, you write poetry to help vent my feelings. You helped rock me to sleep at night when I couldn’t close my eyes. No one could make me quit loving you. However, times got hard and my whole viewpoint changed of you. I never knew that bad things could happen to good people until they started to happen to me and you. A lot of neglect and torture came about and I started to neglect you. I started ignoring your feelings, and not caring about your pain. I didn’t understand how the world could be so cruel to you. So I pushed you away, instead of trying to help you in a positive way. I gave you cigarettes, alcohol, and razors to cope. Razors cut deep into your skin as days went by and days turned into months. Time flew by fast, and months turned into years. I cut you to forget about the pain you endured on a day to day basis. Beer and strawberry vodka helped numb the sharp pain of the cuts across your skin. The more you drank, the more I wept. Who could help you if they tried? I watched you go to the medicine cabinet, and get a couple bottles of pills and gulp them down with a glass of water. I have watched you overdose on pills too many times. It’s strange to me that you are still alive. All of the attempts to end your life was fruitless. None of them worked. I screamed with you loud at the world, and lashed out at everyone that said they cared. My hope in you started to fade. Where was the support you needed? Why couldn’t anyone be aware of the pain you were going through on a day to day basis? Everyone was so dumb back then. Sadly, we have watched the world grow dumber and dumber as the time went by. It’s crazy how I thought life had no meaning. Do you know what’s crazier? It is the fact that you gave up. The fact that you let them control you. That you forgot everything I taught you. Do you even know who you are? Your name is Jamaica Elizabeth Taylor. Don’t try to deny it. You are weak.. WEAK. It’s crazy how I thought you cared about me. Don’t you know that we are one? One body, one soul, one mind, and one spirit? You are ME! Can’t you see that? Get a grip on yourself. You are lost. I give up trying to help you.

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