A buddy back in Colorado wrote this when I told him what just happened…I'm posting here to encourage myself and others. I feel so much better, already. This is NOT going to get me down. Wise, empowering words!! I don't need these so-called "friends!!' 🙂 Ha ha devil, this is not going to get me down either. Moving on!!!!! 🙂


People are idiots and fools. I use to be one and still am to some degree. It sucks when people trample over your heart with no regard for your individuality. I think though in the end it comes down to your mentality. And how you view yourself. Do you view yourself as expendable or worth having? You might believe it and know it, but do you act on it? Show people how much your worth and the real suitors will line up. If you are trying to prove something, it will never happen. I know all to well.

Don't prove anything to no one. Because in the end most people only care about themselves. There are the few that are out there, so go and find them. Stop waiting for them to come along and go about your life as if this was your last day to live. If it was your last day, would you get caught up into what they think or would you do what makes you content? 

As some famous lyrics once said "You gotta get up, you gotta get going, The world ain't a slowing down". Life waits for no one. It happens in vapor and then its gone. Poof! 20 years from now, will you look back and say I wish this could have happened or will you look back and say "wow, look how far God has taken me". 

These "friends" were never your friends. They were just an illusion to get you caught up in. And i think it worked…….but not fully. Do you ever look at it as, wow God protected from going down that road. Aren't you glad that you got to see their true colors now, instead of having worse heartache.

Life is never as good or bad as we think, its just life. We all deal with pain and hurt. Some forgive, some don't. Jobs come jobs go. So never take it too seriously. Oswald Chambers once said, "That Jesus knew the heart of man and knew what was in it. But it didn't stop Him from going about His work. And it didn't stop Him from loving people."

So now you know Candace, you now know the truth. What are you going to do? You believe your worth having? Show it. Show a guy what he is missing. Not by proving it but by living it. Men should be afraid that you will say "no" to them, when they ask you out, because what you are really saying is "try harder stupid" or "why should I abandon my dreams for you" or better yet "God has a great man picked out for me, what makes you think your the one?" Test them. See their answers. 

Most guys are wimps and are cautious. You don't believe me? I can rip a mans heart out in a second. I would have ripped my own out years ago.

Because you know what, Callie can tell me "No, Aaron. I just don't see myself with you." And you know what it would suck for a bit, but I would move on and still be happy. Because my life and your life for that matter is more then a trying to a catch a magical rainbow called love. It's about standing in the face of a storm and laughing and saying "What, is that all you got? I have got God, what do you got?"

You tried to break me, but I ain't broken. I bled, but I recovered. Because life is more then our own pain. It's about how we recover from it and help other people along the way. Think of it this way, Jesus didn't chose the 12 disciples. They choose Him. Its a huge mentality shift.

I hope these words start you on the right track to become an amazing person the world needs. Get out there! And stop looking for attention from losers. Read my Mark Twain quote on my Facebook page. Print a copy out and read it every morning to remind yourself who you need to be.


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