Just sitting here wondering , when is it going to be the right time to tell my daughter? Yes i've given her little hints from time 2time,she is only three! i say " mommy has to take this to stay strong!" but just like any other kids she is going to get bigger. The questions are going to get more intense. My fear is to break her heart. its because my story will have to beput with her first sex talk in general. Yes thats with most of us , but idk want to scare her into not doing something or into doing something. i may have gotten the virus from my first love hunts me everyday. To look into her eyes and tell her that its heart bereaking ! what if i scare her away from love ! The fact that i Could be responsible for her father having it is another scary factor as well , me not knowing until 5 years ago planned a major part in our realtionshipcoming to a endas well. Needless to say i have so many thing on my mind. Yet, im still happy, she healthy , and I have a wonderful friend that wants to get close to usimnot sure sometimes what to do with that situation! sure he konws everything but im not sure he is ready for this ride ive been on the last past 5 years? idk , all i do no is it is so easy for me to tell a total stranger about myslef ! Yet, when it comes to my baby i get total stage fright!!!! I was able to tell my intire family , and unlike alot of families they supported me! maybe they weren't the strongest supporters but hey they were there!!!! lol funny how we get older and the issues we face day to day ! i look back sometimes and i think damn thats nothing compared to what i face now! all i know is i wake up in the morning looking for her smile! what will i do if i cause her any type of pain?

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  1. keekeeG06 11 years ago

    thanks to eveyone for the reply! you know im really starting to love this! i know il wait til she is old enough to comperhend ! And its hard to tell how she will react but im happy to get your understanding responces to my thoughts! i know that this is a pushing issue for alot of ppl!!!! thank you all again ! made me feel a little better!

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