So things have been better, although I went through some hardships at school. Tried to take a test to be able to pass Precalculus and failed it, so I went to one of my professors and told him. I felt so defeated and overwhelmed that I ended up crying infront of him, and he got in contact with some people at the school and actually came up with a way for me to bypass both precalculus and calculus. I'll be taking a summer class with him to learn all the math I need for geology.

I took my last two exams Tuesday and yesterday, and I think I did alright on them. The chemistry one was really straightforward, and the physics one went well because we got to use notecards so I had all of the formulas written down. I struggled through these classes because I took too much all at once and so I'm just really nervous. I'm praying that I passed them, because I don't want to go through either again, especially since I am graduating. Waiting to find out my grades is killing me…May 18th…seems so far away.

Anyway, Mom decorated the house and my car with my school's colors for graduation. I'm graduating on Saturday at 2:00 PM, and my brother will be here tomorrow and for the next week on vacation with us. We plan to have hamburgers on Saturday and then eat out on Sunday at LuLu's at Homeport.

So I'm just really mellow right now, waiting for my grades, not having to worry about anything else but just regular household chores. I feel jittery like I should be doing something or like I'm slacking off despite it actually being off time. I don't know how to deal with this, I've always felt this way – if I'm not doing anything productive then I'm lazy and worthless. Does anyone have a solution or cure for this? I hate feeling this way.

The plan once I get done with my last class is to go to Texas. I will be staying with my relatives in San Antonio and job hunting there, Austin, and Houston for a hydrogeology, geophysics, or environmental job. Of the three I'd especially love to live in Austin, since it's my kind of people. I have one company in mind that has offices both in Houston and Austin but otherwise I can work with anyone.

So that's it from me. I'll keep you updated about my scores.


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