Today I wanted to talk about Mode of Operation. M.O is how we deal with everything bases on our attitude. Our brains tend to take our overall actions and base a suitableemotion upon this action. For instance, I am constantly on guard because i felt threatened alot as a child. Over the years I learned to stand up for myself which is the fight part of fight or flight. My mind has adapted to these actions and continues to use it for everything I experience. I am programed, being to busy with other aspects of my life I constantly instructed my mind to "do what feels right" instead of analizing the situation and make a rational decision. I have done this for so many years that I no longer have to instruct my mind. I see everything as threatening and I become deffensive. It went from protecting myself in a fight to losinf my mind if one shoelace is tighter than the other. I know what your thinking, how does this apply to anxiety? Well, over a period of prolonged stress, anger, depression or any other negative feeling your mind becomes programed negatively. Everything will make you depressed, angry, anxious. Its all the same emotion you know. Anger turned inward is depression, depression turned outward is anger. This my friends is true. Anxiety is nothing more than chronic worry. Tell me if this sounds like you. 1.You got into a horrible situation at work. You came home and tosed and turned all night. Your stomach hurt, head ache maybe? 2. Someone in your family was sick for a long time? Going through a long devorce? These are major stressors and cause alot of negative impact on the brain. Afterall was done, no matter the resolution your mind is jammed in that way of thinking. So now you start stressing and worrying about other things. Do I have enough money to pay the bills? Why is tommy doing so bad in school? My significant other spends alot of time somewhere else, is my marrage turning to shit? Then it escalates Is my mate cheating? Is tommy on drugs? Till finally you're waking up at 3am to make sure the oven is turned off and the door is locked even though you swear you checked before you went to bed. YOU ARE PROGRAMED! You see after doing this for so long your brain learns to be on guard so whats next when there is nothing left to worry about? We'll you look inside yourself. You constantly scan your body. Why does things look funny right now? This doesn't feel real. My heart is beating a little fast. My cheast is so tight. What is this? AM i having a heart attack? BANG! You are having a panic attack. Fear is the most powerful responce in the human mind. Before any seconday programing our first is survival! fear of death will instantly program your mind. So now that you had this horrible experience you stay on guard. Years of negative thinking forces you to think of the worst. So it happends again. Now your anxious all the time thinking about that horrible feeling. Nothing seems to make it go away so you talk negatively to yourself because thats what you programed yourself to do. "This is never going to go away". "I can't do anything anymore". "I have to stop this feeling right now." You beat yourself up for what you have become. SO STOP! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Lets say this….I really want you say this. "I have an anxiety disorder and thats ok. This is my minds way of dealing with the negativity. I'm in now danger and I will recover." We will all recover, all you need is some motivation and possitive thinking. YOU HAVE TO EXERCISE AND RELAX. If you do not make plans to set aside at least 30 minutes a day for exercise and 30 minutes for true relaxation of any form than I am sorry to tell you this but you will never recover. If you can find any negative excuse that will stop you from freeing up 45 mins to an hour a day for your mental health than you are an enabler and its no suprise that you have a disorder. So, no more negative BS. You either have time to fix you or you will make time. When you set your mind to your recovery 100% I promise you will feel 20% better instantly. Your relaxing time can be as simple as soft music while you have a hot bath. Light a candle or two! It makes it better. Exercise can be walking, jogging, hell you can even do your house work it a speedy fashion and call it exercise. You have to be motivated. This is the key! Look back through my earlier blogs for other ideas. Look to the future with possitve thoughts and you will get better. Dwell on the crap and you'll remain in the crapper!


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