I'm so angry and as a result of all this anger im crying. I'm in physical tears that work has bought me to and I can't do nothing because I need the money in order to escape yet I'm wanting to escape this hell hole too. God help me please. I've come into work been so happy today which doesn't normally happen that I smile a lot and then it gets ruined by a bunch of cretins. A group of teachers being rowdy and screaming to a point I can't even hear myself let alone other people talking. My colleague went over and told them to be quieter and still they ignore so I went over and they got cheeky about the situation saying 'there's no other customers here so what's the problem'. Just so your aware there was about 25 customers in the pub and then members of staff. I said it's not just customers complaining but staff too as we can't hear other people and at this point a regular customer told them off also to keep it down. Minutes later there giving it all and pushing there luck with shouting and then saying sssshhh. I tell them again and they ignore. However one of them wanders off around the pub with her friend and goes upto another bunch of customers telling them to shut up there too loud. So of course I get involved and say excuse me do you mind not being rude to other customers. They didn't like that one bit and came staggering over. I'm fine if she wanted to have a go but the fact she got up in my face and invaded my personal space, it wasn't on. As I think any humans instinct is to attack when someone gets in your personal bubble as its your defense mechanism against people because you automatically feel threatened. So of course she's getting rude so I'm saying stuff back but not as rude as I could as I didn't swear nor call names and as much as my fist was clenched I didn't physically attack. She then asked me to get a manager so I stormed off to get the manager. He comes down and she's there straight away 'sort your member of staff out she's very rude to my friend'. I retaliated with 'so just because I'm a member of staff here I deserve to be spoken to like that and I just got to accept it' and she retaliated etc. My manager could see me shaking with anger ready to burst so told me to leave. I did so but when I came back it turns out I never got stuck up for and they was allowed to stay in the pub drinking whilst I was left basically to continue as though nothing was wrong. I felt in that situation I didn't get a chance to even defend myself. She basically saidthat I was rude and all this and yet I got no one stick up for me as I was not in the wrong for telling her off. I feel that when someone has a go and I defend myself or anything that people will always believe customers has they pre judge me before I get chance to defend myself because they already know I can be hot headed at times and aggressive with my behaviour. Especially when someone invades your personal space you have no choice as you feel defenceless. All that was said is that I was blunt not rude. I don't know if that's just another way of making me out to be in the wrong or whether that was them siding with me. You'd think after working there for over two years that they would side with the staff but no. And I take it personal because I've always felt in my life then ive never been stuck up for against anyone in the wrong so it would of been nice for my own workplace to do it. Feel shit.

  1. bridgie101 6 years ago

    I can tell you what you need to do to fix this, but you are not going to like it.

    Just let me know if you want to hear it.

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  2. pe21 6 years ago

    Yeah give advice please. it\'s welcomed. I want to quit but I ain\'t in that situation with another job and my mum already said if I have no money coming in for rent, i\'m gone.

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