Today I'm having a pretty bad day, I knew it was coming, most Fridays I'm very anxious, it's a work day. In a way I am very lucky with my job, I work for my parents and only have to work 2 & 1/2 days a week, Friday and Saturday all day and Monday evening. Most people probably think I'm lucky and most of the time I do too but I find it makes me very anxious and this weekend I know we will be very busy which makes it stressful. We own a fish and chip shop, I'm the cook and we live in a smallish town where there is another fish and chip shop, normally we are not very busy and even then I panic on a Friday morning, last week and this week the other chip shop is closed so we will have double the customers we usually have. Last week I was awful on the Friday morning but I did manage through, I've been dreading today all week and now am very jittery and nauseous, I've taken diazepam which has helped a bit but now I just need to get through these next 2 days. I can't understand why my job freaks me out, it's not exactly brain surgery and I've done it for years without a problem but the last year I've just dreaded it every week. People try to tell me I should change jobs but I know I wouldn't even be able to do a interview and then if I did finally get another job I don't think I'd be able to keep it because when I have a bad day I get physically ill, working for someone else would mean I would phone in sick but I can't do this with my parents because I can't let them down so I just have to work through it. Just need to get through today and tomorrow then I should be fine.


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