"The River Glass"

Written By; Bonny Bennett


"Black swirls, and whites faces staring, and swearing in return.

Don\'t you hate the rage?

When it is caged.



Didn\'t you forget, your frail ways?

You said when you were through.

It would all come back.

To you.


 When all was forgotten, you were locked in.

In the world of sin.

Which we call our home.

All alone.


 You swore you would come back for her,

But  never did.

And when she would drown,

You were no longer her



All was cold, for you drew deep her sorrow.

A man you became, helpless and fragile.

You couldn\'t and you never would

Save her.


Cold motionless lips,

Would no longer kiss your chest.

The pain you created, you brought her to



As the grim reaper draws up his arms,

Only to cast a curse,

Satan himself didn\'t have the nerve.

She fell because you dropped her.


Roses would fall from the sky,

A love once strong would turn to hate.

That was her fate.

To mourn.


For you were the one,

The only, who could stop her pain.

Although time after time, you would…

Forget her.


Turn to the river to forget your scorn.

Turn away the demons.

The face of bliss.



You failed the present.

To face your flaws,

In a world like this, the only place to go…

Is the river glass"


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