I havent been on in awhile, lots going on.

I finally got laid off a week and a half ago. I dont miss that job at all. Getting ready for my wedding / move to the states. Insane amount of work to do and ever since I quit working my grandma is driving me crazy, calling me lazy every time I turn around no matter what I do. Spent the whole day out of the house running errands then came home and cleaned and did dishes but nothing counts. I hate how everything small thing she does is inflated ten thousand times and the only thing that counts on my end is every time I happen to sit down or watch TV or go on the computer. Its like living with the most ungrateful horrible wife ever and I cant wait to move.

Other than that things are good. Feeling alot less stressed so I went off my medication and aside from the dizzyness I feel fine. Went to visit my dad for a couple of days and he has agreed to give me away and consider going to the reception. Put a bug in his ear by saying if he chooses not to come because hes mad at my mom (theyre divorced and thats apparently the real reason behind his reluctance) then mom wins haha. Going down to Victoria for a couple of weeks on Saturday too, so I get an opportunity to see alot of my family that I prolly wont soon get a chance to see again because Ill be living in the states. Plus I found out I can collect employment insurance in the United States until it runs out or I find a job so Mark and I wont have to be all stressed and worry about my bills while Im looking for work. Losing my job was the best thing for me right now.


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