Well, yes I did … feed em all and then talked em into goin for a late nite swim … why, ME TIME!!! QUIET!!! lol … gotta love them kids and grandbabies, but Shell time is major important too.

So today was ok, relaxed, did some laundry, cooked a big dinner for the kids, and just did some meditating on scripture …

I am beginning a new study I think, on God's Grace. Yes I already know a lot about it, but I feel there is something I have maybe overlooked before. I believe that God reveals things in His time, and though He had revealed a lot the last few yrs, there are still many things to learn and discover. It truely helps with any anxiety I have, though it is still felt, I use the scriptures, out loud at times, other times quietly, still some times, very loud!

Roger and I really havent had a lot of quiet time to revel in our new marriage, but we will starting tomorrow when all quietens back down around here. He is such a wonderful man, father, granddad and stepfather. He gives so much of himself to others. He is one of these huge biker dudes that look like he just walked outta hell, but in reality, he is, as our neice calls him, a Teddybear … lol … oh, being a former biker, bouncer, he has a tough side, but the transformation that God has made in him is amazing. I am blessed.

Ive spent some time also today reading ur blogs, and whether u like it or not, ur in my prayers. My prayer is that this "hell" we live in here on earth, will find it's way out of our lives and that we will be free.

Take care Tribe, sweet blessings to all … until tomorrow ….



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