This past weekend I went to Pasadena, CA to visit Bryan’s parents. We were only there Saturday – Monday and were just going to relax. Saturday we were going to the Huntington Library (or so I thought). Bryan said it was about an hour drive to get there and so I didn’t think anything of the long drive. We then had to go thru a ‘toll’ near Disneyland. I was pouting because I was so close to Disney but couldn’t go in. Bryan’s sister-in-law said that we would just park at the Disney parking lot because there was a tram that took us thru Disney to the Library. We then get on the tram and Jen (Bryan’s sister-in-law) says there are shops you can go to and you don’t have to pay the fee to get into them. I was kind of not looking forward to going to these shops outside of Disney and not being able to go in. But I went with the flow. Bryan then had me stand in front of Disneyland and take my picture, telling me to give a pouty face cuz I was that close and still wasn’t in. They gave me a ticket saying that we needed that to get to the shops but they were free. We go inside the gates and I ask how any one would know we didn’t just go to all the rides. They then tell me I’m in Disney, I say I know I’m IN Disney but I’m not IN Disney. But they said that they had paid for my ticket and I was there. All courtesy of Bryan … Of course this was an ongoing and will be an ongoing joke for a long time about how I was so gullible but I was in shock for the first 10-20 mins I don’t really remember much from that. LOL needless to say it was an awesome time!!!

  1. Ilovecatz2003 13 years ago

    what an awesome story. i am so happy you had a great time at disney. i never been to disney *see pouty face*  😉

    you were IN disney but not IN disney…LMAO…priceless. that will be one trip you guys will never forget:)

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  2. cindy0607 13 years ago

    bet it was a blast…..he got you good!!!

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