Sure, that is what they all tell me. Get up, get out, join something DO something. Stop feeling sorry for yourself! Everyone can get better from depression? Oh yeah, you know what I say to that…….FUCK OFF!!!

I can't believe the nerve of some people. Even ones who want to help. Telling me I need to just get involved with PEOPLE which I hate, to get out there and do something and fix my meds, then I will be happy wellif it was that easy don't you think I'd have done that a long fucking time ago? HELLO?

Also, I don't recommend FB. Or any of those gay social networking motherfuckers.Not unless you want to be part of the problem. The world sucks and they are just one big corporate aspect of it. They deleted my profile to save their own ass because of a MISUNDERSTANDING. They cut me off from the world because they want to save their precious billions. That's all they care about is getting people on their site who will spend money and promote them. If you do anything they dont' like, you're gone.

I wish I were dead. I will do it someday, and no one will care. Because if people cared, I wouldn't want to die.

I'm so sick of people who HAVE someone. Do they just totally lower their standards or what? Anyway,most women dont' know it but their husbands are cheating on them. I should know. When I was younger I was one of the mistresses.

HA. Fuck you world, I don't need your damn help and advice anymore. I am soooo tired of trying to be the nice one and getting misunderstood and blocked from society. I don't need your damn social network to make me feel special FAGBOOK. What a bunch of fake fucks. I never liked anyone on there they were all as pathetic as me addicted to the games and chatting with their lame friends all day. Sad. Just as bad as me. Very sad.


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