Yesterday at work was horrible..I had an awful start, we we're setting up at work in the hallway of these flats ready to decorate when this old man came out and introduced himself, When he opened his mouth to talk to me i imediately lost repect for him after the words he said! He assumsed that beacuse im a female working in the decorating undustry i'm a 'hindered'. I wasn't entirely sure what this meant at the time, but i think i managed to laugh it off..This morning i google defined the word:

hinderedpast participle, past tense ofhind·er


Create difficulties for (someone or something), resulting in delay or obstruction.

This made me furious! I nearly phoned in sick last minute because i felt literally sick to the stomache, how dare this man say this to me, i'd literally only just met him! Ignorant *******!! And then to top it off my boss wanted to have a chat with me about my work..He gathered i had alot of stress in my life at the moment with my grandma being in hospital and breaking up with stuart, but he was so insensitive about it, he said i came into work looking knackered and only doing what i was told to do, no enthusiasm, i was told i was lifeless…This crushed me, i literally sank to the floor with my head in my hands in tears, he gave me a moment to calm down and compose myself..and then came back stating all the things i did wrong at the last job, he must of seen the look on my face because he quickly steered the conversation around to list some positives, 'i dont take too many breaks, im always on time, your not on your phone all the time, your not rude..' great? ur basicly saying im lifeless..~? *sigh*
I did manage to go to work today i literally forced my legs to walk to my bosses house, everything felt forced until i was set up at work, with the radio on, colleague working downstairs, me on the top floor, far away from the moody man. I felt safe..Infact i quite enjoyed the whole day..It went quickly..we even had a few laughs! i can ease up when im not so stressed. it felt like a good days work..Even my boss noticed i was perky and happy when he got back to pick us up 😀 good thing..
Its late now..i have to get up early 2moro morning to do a food hygeine course for my catering job at the weekends…boringgg!! WiseMeLuck i hope i pass the test! :S got a horrible feeling im gonna fail! Eeek
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  1. tcsoprano 9 years ago

    Good luck! Glad you were able to turn things around. Keep going! – t 🙂

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