I tossed for the 100th time and kicked back the covers with feet, the sounds of steady breathing from my fast asleep partner from the other side of the bed frustrated because I wanted to be asleep too! I quietly slid out of bed as my dog thinks it’s the green light to climb further up the bed and rest her head on my pillow. I remember the scared thing she was when me and my partner rescued her and now look at her.

Well don’t they look a cute couple of sleeping beauties, oh come on body we go through this every night. I wake up around 3pm every night and find it extremely difficult to get back to sleep, but when the time creeps forward for the time I sound be getting up I want to sleep! Sods law!

No there is no point getting annoyed even though my face could do with some beauty sleep, my bags underneath my eyes can’t get any darker. Maybe voicing some stuff on here will help, so I decided to tap away and this is the crap I seem to put together.

My thoughts soon drift to praying to have a better day than yesterday as all I did was lie in bed and feel sorry for myself. I need to shake myself up and think straight … or normal …. what is normal?

Normal is everything I am not. Let’s try once more to close my eyes and maybe the sand fairy is near enough to sprinkle some magic dust my way. When I some I mean a whole wheelbarrow load, I have tried all sorts of remedies to get to sleep. Drinking a cup of warm milk with honey, filling my day, having a nice relaxing bath … the list just goes on and on!

I guess a sneaky digestive biscuit or two won’t hurt! 🙂



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