I went alone again of course.

 I do have some people that offer to be with me to go.  I turned them down because I’m afraid of them thinking more of what it is. I don’t wanna break any hearts like my heart is broken.


I cant trust anybody and I can’t let anybody in near…. that really sucks because I need somebody.

I’m the “coolgirl” ..the one on the wall… that was a virgin.  Every time I let somebody in its always a big mistake

So yesterday I  Went to the lake kayaking. Today I went to the river. If I wait around for somebody I’ll never do it..


My anklw is sore but I’m getting around. I  Tried fishing the last 2 days instead I was picking up bobbers Floating around the lake

Just getting blown side to side

Today was cool and windy it was not as nice. I went fishing I didn’t see anybody much on the water seen the park service and I saw 2 other sets of kayakers.


I’m a solo yaker.  I had fun making little videos about what I seen.  I try to make it magical seem magical.

Some people of their called writers their stuff would be celebrated yes people are judge mental so those just talk about me.   Auto correct is a pain in the but I’m not doing any more I’m tired


I cried on the water just today in today because there’s nobody in my life to share what I love the mostLike I said I have other offers but they’re not my types And they would only do the things I like because I liked it

Nothing really common ground Then like I said the people who want it get with me and do things… But are looking for a return and are really not into what I like. It’s bedtime I don’t know if my sentences are coming out right I have badd order correct


Whoever coined the phrase money does not bring happiness should be smacked in the head with a baseball bat.

Do you want health you need money you want to eat you need money you want to drive uni money you want to rent your house you need money you are and want to own your house you need money


Money $ Money sucks AT tire to right







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