Here's a little about me and why I'm here:  

I was shy all my life but had lots of friends as a child.  In middle school, after we moved to a new state, things went downhill socially for me.  I became practically mute at school, didn't make any real friends.  My only socialization was with my sisters and my parents.  I was not teased, just ignored because I was like a shadow. 

High school was slightly better, but I still felt like I missed out on a lot.  I didn't date at all until my senior year, and even then only a a little.  Not many parties, dances or football games for me….just a few.  No best friend, just a collection of people who I would sometimes go to movies with and who I would sit with at lunch.  No passion, no finding myself, no secrets to keep from my parents….I was a good student and that was about it. 

Then I went away to college and tried to do everything I'd missed out on.  Well, that didn't work out too well either.  Fast forward a few years, and I'd experienced drugs, sex, parties, drinking…..bad grades, the disappointment of my parents, the loss of the only true friends I had ever made….and I had an extreme loser of a husband, and soon two kids. 

I traveled all over the country…by hitch hiking or broken down rv…..I was homeless at times….I camped with hippies….I dropped out of school a couple of times…..   My husband lied and hurt and betrayed me over and over again…. 

One day, when my younger child was three months old, I snapped.  Or maybe I should say I grew a backbone.  I left my husband and didn't go back.  And now here I sit a year and a half later…..and I am making new friends, I have fallen in love with a wonderful man, my children are healthy and happy, I am finding more of myself every day…..and I am thankful!  Sometimes I just cry with thankfulness. 

These things have made me who I am, so all of you who feel like you have nothing in your life, or that the pain is too bad to go on, have hope.  And let there be serenity in your life.  My life is far from perfect, but it is becoming perfect for me.

So, why are you all here?  I would love to hear your stories. 


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