Really? Who am I? If I am not my thoughts, not even my dreams or aspirations, I must have become my behaviors… Through life experience, decades of pain and suffering, and endless sleepless night of research and introspection, it came to me like a thief in the night: “Visualization.” “Detachment.” The therapeutic model being presented here is a more effective schema in treating those who have lost their footing in establishing and maintaining a reasonable quality of life due to addiction and/or other mental dysfunctions. [Anytime I use the word “dysfunction,” it encompasses “all” addictive behaviors and “all” mental health ailments, including personality disorders, ranging from, but not limited to; mild stress, to schizophrenic psychosis. This holistic format has an unconventional, yet very effective, discerning technique in self-assessment for which to make lasting alterations in one’s attitude and chronic negative behaviors. These are physiological matters of the human brain’s functionality. It is everybody’s responsibility to learn about themselves and about what gives them their unique way of seeing the world. The accepted wisdom has always been that the key to success in life is to know thyself. To truly know ourselves we must become good self-observers, and it is for this reason, more than any other, that we must learn about the object that drives our logic, imagination, and passion. It’s our Brain! Popular views claim that there are only a few necessities in life. For those suffering from addiction, or mental health challenges, it doesn’t feel that way, because they have become slaves to a not-always-beneficial Master, by living a life of ritualistic habits ingrained by repetition; Yes! It’s their very own Brain! People enslaved by addiction, and/or mental dysfunctions, often wonder where some of their thoughts come from. They seem to come out of nowhere. They often wonder why they suffer such fierce cravings and urges to escape from their “perceived” feelings of discomfort. They often beat themselves up by attacking their self-worth and they tend to question their very own abilities. I say to you again; It’s their Brain! Dictating their feelings based on this new way-of-life that they have subjected their brain to. Their brain isn’t concerned about any outcomes. It just wants them to relieve its perceived discomfort. Their addicted, and/or dysfunctioning brain, doesn’t care if they get locked up. Neither does it give a shit if punishment follows such behaviors, just as long as the brain gets its fix. People with an addicted-, dysfunctional-brain-condition, often feel something pushing or pulling them to do things that they really don’t want to do. Or go places that they really don’t want to go. They even find themselves behaving in ways that are uncharacteristic of them. Their brain has infringed upon their psyche and has taken over their life by way of Delusive Brain Dictations. Left to its own devices, their brain can make them believe just about anything; hell, it knows all their secrets and has enough influence to get them to behave in any manner that it has come to believe is essential to its survival, even in ways that are self-destructive. But, the addicted individual cannot be blaming, for they have taught their brain all that it knows. Yes! Their initial choice to interfere with nature’s design has made their brain what it is today. The more often they behaved in unhealthy ways, the more they familiarized their brain with what it now believes is pertinent to life. Their brain reiterates messages to compel them to continue the behaviors that they taught it, that needs to be memorized and repeated often in the name of life. Their brain doesn’t try to distinguish whether their actions are beneficial or destructive. Spikes in the level of a neurotransmitter dopamine can only be a good thing, pertinent to survival, so believes their brain. To assure that they repeat these behaviors, their brain generates strong impulses, thoughts, emotions, and sensations that coerce them to perpetuate their habits, whatever they may be. Unfortunately, these behaviors aren’t ones that improve their quality of life. But, this doesn’t have to be the end of the world for them; even though Death is knocking at their back door… Check back for more insight…

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  1. parannur 3 years ago

    I am najn kalayanam kazhija randu kuttikalude amma anu.eniku ente kootukariye piriyan pattatha avastah anu aavalkkum enthu cheyumnnu ariyilla onnu sahayikkanam

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