Found these sites, today. SO helpful! I struggle, sometimes, in explaining the legitimacy of my mental health experience to people, even the professional ones! That’s why, even though DID & OSDD (DDNOS) are, indeed, part of the same Dissociative Continuum, I am happy to know there’s an official name to what I’m specifically going through, that it’s real and valid and that truly matters, to me. I’m also pretty sure, I’m not the only one.


I shared these links in other online DID/OSDD groups and I’ve been met with a sort of jerk type flash response about how diagnosis doesn’t matter that much but, I have to say, when my friends with full on DID explained what they experienced, I doubted myself a lot, on what was going on, inside. I know now, it is common for me to have Parts that are younger extensions of the same self, with less marked pronounciation in personality than someone with an amnestic barrier. That there’s a legit reason I can run therapeutic interventions, while co-conscious, that have proven to be instrumental to the way we’ve healed.

At least, it’s always good to know, you’re not just making things up or are utterly at a loss as to what to do, about whatever it is you’re going through. Knowing this stuff helps, like when I found out that the name for what I was experiencing, at age 12, was OCD and that there was a scientifically backed way to help. Just like when I sat lost, dazed and confused, in my first ever psych hospital visit, too, and I learned that the reason it felt like everything was falling apart, in my life, was because of something called PTSD. So yeah. I dunno, any input into how knowing your exact diagnosis or not has helped you?

Enjoy! Hope this helps someone, out there. Sincerely,

Alex ;)!

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    alexsophia88 6 years ago

    Yup! You nailed it, my friend. Thanks for reading 🙂

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