Your embrace, to be held in your arms
To be engulfed in the flame that is you
To feel the heat of your love warming my soul, cast in icy fear
Your embrace, to be gently caressed in the most intimate way
Intimacy meaning connection
Intimacy meaning soul to soul
Intimacy meaning an expression of the deepest emotion
Your pulse, to be so close to the very thing you’ve entrusted me with
To hear the way my presence can gradually calm your restless, tormented being
To feel the solid thud, in all of its beautiful consistency, a concept often sorely overlooked
Your energy, to feel the ripples of your life itself running through me
To find your firm palm so softly against my back, seemingly reaching into the depths of my self and pulling forth raw emotion
To feel your fingertips navigating through my hair, calming my incessantly tortured mind
Your words, their bewitching power lowering my painfully procured defenses without my knowledge
To be coaxed into a state of comfortable, welcomed vulnerability
To hear sincerity in a world of manipulation and deceit driven by the desire for personal gain
Your comfort, to be showered in reassurance as the tears begin to flow of their own accord
To completely and honestly release the hesitation and terror long compressed towards allowing another to simply be close
To embrace you in return, soaking your person with my tears, your own cascading down your gorgeous, warm face
Tears of eroding fear
Tears of hope
Tears of breath-taking, long-awaited peace
Your embrace
To be presented with your soul
Given your heart
Given unadulterated intimacy
To be welcomed into your mind
Given understanding
Given truth
Your embrace
To be so sweetly engulfed in the flame that is you
The one thing I truly long for


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