I am so very lonely. I am 32 years old and have never had a girlfriend that has lasted for more than 2 weeks ever in my entire life. I have been to bed with about 4 women over the years, but have held back and have never gone all the way and had sex. I live alone and am from a small town and a small family and in the past several years have lost more than 1/2 of my family to deaths. The latest was my Dad this past March. I am feeling more and more alone all the time and don't have any girlfriends. I have developed this new habit of going out to the local strip bar and trying to get to know all of the girls who work there and to try to develop some friendships with some of them. I have been going there for about 4 months now, almost 6 nights a week for about 2 to 3 hours a night, spending at least $50 every night and as much as $150 a night on some nights. I am becoming so attached to some of the girls who work there and like them so much and almost think of them as my friends and girlfriends and whole social life all rolled up into one. Going to this strip bar is my only social life. I cannot get any nice girls to go out with me. I am not unattractive or anything, I am probably above average looking for my age, but I am probably way too picky and really want a woman who has everything – good looks, personality, devotion, has never had kids, has preferably never had a serious boyfriend, dresses really nice (in public and in private), has nice, soft, fluffy, long hair, has nice eyes, preferably brown, has nice legs, and other things too.I see women at the strip club every night who are extremely attractive physically and whom I wonder about and would love to get to at least go out to dinner with and have a chance to get to know better to know if they would be compatible with me at all, but they will never even give me a chance or see me outside of the strip club. Some of them are so beautiful and I feel like I would do almost anything to make it work if I even thought I had a slim chance at any type of a relationship with one of them. I have spent over $7000 down at this club in the past 4 months. I only have a take-home pay of about $800 per month, or $3200 per 4 months, so obviously I have been spending way, way more than I can afford to. The only reason I have been doing this is because I want some wonderful, attractive, soft female more than anything in the world and am willing to go into debt to try to obtain her. I hate being alone. I live alone and spend almost all my time alone and I hate it! I don't think I am asking for too much. I am a nice guy and I need a nice girl and she has to be out there somewhere. I hope so much that I can find her sometime soon. I am so lonely and I hate it! Where is she?


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