they say this person has something wrong so just throw them away

they never stop to say

and listen for

is there any thing I can do

What can I do besides just walk away

am I benefical to this persons Life if I stay

there souls do not deserve to be slayed

they deserve to live and rejoice in another day

being alone

all you thought would be there is gone

who will be with you to help sing this song

crying all day long

what did I do wrong

Im sick I dont deserve to be cast away

I see that Im sick

I didnt know until now that Im sick

is that the reason my family said your no use

the world said get away

is that the reason for all this misery

what do I have in this

what is left

around the corner its as if i can see death

I think about how I went down

needing love

went down did ever drug to heal the pain

even the drug of Love

almost did every drug

steps away from doing meth

marijuana cocaine cigarettes alcohol


just addiction

whats missing?

and what i said id never do as the hole never filled


all alone

carrying a stone

what did I do wrong

my mother was a crack addict before I was born so

Why do I have to pay for her Karma

they hate me when i say I cant love my mom

they say well whatever you feel shes your mom so love her any way

it doesnt matter if you and her never spent a day together

or you never under the same roof got to share the same weather

the pain and confusion is deep

how do i get ironed out

so deep the anger for it self shouts

I go through many mazes

Life hitting me with fire

manuevering through narrow spaces

somehow I made it

made it through all that

so much its hard to look back

pain so intense it didnt make sense

strained me and made me dense

even though I felt this way

there was a bigger view of what I was going through

what they do

push you to the side

in that somehow you get caught and you gain help to realize

That you are beautiful and special in nonhuman eyes

……. Blessings to all in your healing journey


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