Wow!! Showing up for life has been intresting so far.. I recently got back to Detroit from a hella 2 week road trip. A friend needed my help driving from Califonia to Atlanta..

The road trip did alot to and for me. It gave me a chance to just get away and get inside my head as to what I want out of life.. One would think that takin two weeks to think would be helpfull. The weird thing is it was as helpful as harmful… It gave me time to really think about what I want in life and it gave me the chance to explore more options of what I can get out of my new life. The best thing is I truely figured out that I go where ever I decide to go.

I said harmful like it was a bad thing……But its not actually. It gave me the chance to open my eyes to a career that might just suit me. Ya see if there is one thing I do know is I dont want to be in detroit much longer. This is one of the benefits the trip gave me.. I realized I have a love hate relationship with the city I call home. I'm not sure if it is the old BUGABOO's or just plain out fear, the one thing I do know is I'm not letting it hold me back  any more…. The only way it was harmful is that it created more chioces for my future that would help in every way.. Inculding getting me out of the state w/o the bouncing around i have done in the last 10 years. And yet still have the chance to come home when I want to.

The helpful part of the trip was it gave me the chance to really sit back and get connected with my higher power. I was lacking that here as of late. The time on the road gave me a mindset of peace that I have not had in some time. I have alot going on at hamoe and dont really have the chance to just sit back and enjoy the better things in life. Going on that drive allowed me to leave everything at home and just roll out….. not only was it peacefull but it was beautiful as well. Seein things I never thought I would ever see.

It also gave me the chance to seperate my eggs into different baskets. I aways had just two baskets in life but now I have more than just two. I had the worry basket and the god basket, now along with those two i have the possable,and the git-r-done basket. I might just beable to get rid of the worry basket and carry the three baskets but yeah im not totally ready to give up that basket in fear of change.

So nothin for nothin….. I am working the program to the best of my ability, still playing the hurry up and wait game, and simply NOT PICKING UP THAT FIRST ONE… AND LIFE IS GETTING BETTER BY THE DAY, ONE DAY AT A TIME


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