Yes ladies step back, that handsome wonderful man over there is ALL MINE!!!! Does it matter that he comes with OCD? Today was of those days that I just had to keep reminding myself that I can not change his compulsions, habits or rituals. I had to keep reminding myself that he honest to goodness doesn't even realise when he is doing it.

Oh and for those of you that are actually reading this, yes AO is on medication and he has had behavioural therapy as well.

My choice is to try to ACCEPT his OCD as I know I will never be able to CHANGE it. Besides the more I try to change his behaviour the more anxiety he feels, the increases anxiety means his OCD gets worse. Now don't get me wrong, I will not enable him, he has to take out the garbage on Friday even if it does mean washing his hands for half an hour after. I have also made it very clear thatI WILL NOT DO HIS LAUNDRY and that when I do mine I will not be following his ritual.

My newest strategy is to actually limit the amount of toilet paper, soap, kleenex and lysol wipes that he has access to when he is at my place, and when we start to live together in April I am going to continue this practice. I mean really, who the heck needs to use 10 yes TEN rolls of toilet paper? Or half a bottle of shampoo and half a bottle of body wash per shower? Hand soap is purchased and used by the gallon , the new "trick" is to only fill the soap dispenser about half full at a time. Laundry soap you ask? Well the way I see it if he insists on using about triple what is needed there is no harm in watering it down. Also those great pre wrapped pods are fantastic!!!! Thing is to get him to only use one. I am still working on the toothpaste thing, I know that a quater of a tube is not required to brush with, but his OCD won't let him use the "pea sized" ammount that you are supposed to use.

I promise to share the rituals for you sometime, the laundry one to me is the most bizzarre, but I just don't have time tonight.

YES, today was one of THOSE days, tomorrow will be so much better,,,,well here is to hoping.


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  1. murphylav 11 years ago

     Oh yes I agree and I am not "tricking" him as he is very much aware of the things I am doing.  Like the toilet paper, he is ok only using a roll or two if that is all he access too, he will use 10 rolls though if he can.   He has the need to over use everything. 

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