We were getting ready for a family cookout this past Saturday.  We had about 30 people coming over.  I walked out in the backyard shortly before everyone was to arrive and my dear cat had left the biggest dead rat just lying in the grass.  I freaked out.  My husband picked it up between two sticks and he dropped it four times across the backyard where people would be walking soon.  I was so mad at him for trying to carry it between two sticks.  Now, the yard was contaminated….not just in one spot but in four more.  I didn't know what to do.  I made him pour bleach all over every spot.  I have no idea if this was good enough.  I couldn't even enjoy the company.  My nephew walked up with two liter cokes and dropped them right in the exact spot where the rat was.  I told him to sit them by the door and wash his hands.  Next thing I knew, someone had put them on the kitchen counter.  I was freaked the whole night.  I confessed to my aunt and sister because I just knew someone was going to die from this and it would be my fault.  They told me it was ok.  I tried hard to enjoy the evening, but all I could think about was the rat and how many people had the rat germs on their shoes, etc.  I hate this OCD!!!!!!!!!!
BTW, this is the second rat my cat has caught.  We live in the country.  The last time she left it on the front porch and I wouldn't let my family use the front door for about 3 months even after my husband scrubbed it down. 

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  1. rq5738 15 years ago

    Umm… ahem… excuse me… that make us TRIPLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OH, gees… I was like one sentence ahead of you the whole time I was reading b/c I just KNEW what you were going to say next!!  I'd have had the same thoughts, reactions, and feelings.  But my husband would have pretended to throw the rat at me and then he would have poured the bleach on the yard!!  LOL!!!

    Hang in there.  The hard part is knowing that other people don't think this way about things, but not being able to override the feelings that it MIGHT be dangerous.  I am not having so much success there!! Iwannabefree is leaps ahead of me!!!

    Have a rat-free day!!  ~RQ 

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