So tonight me and my Dad went to a local restaurant named Holly’s. It’s a cute little place. They have live music occasionally, actually every Friday and Saturday I believe. A local guitarist named Mark "Guitar" Miller was there, and let me tell you…He rocks!!!
   Well, after he finished his first set he sat down next to me and my Dad and he chatted with us talking about my music and all of this other stuff. He reccomended a book to me called Zen Guitar which is a book about zen, and applying it to guitar. So, really Buddhism. I will check it out. But what he told me, just like another man named Chris Michalek told me, it’s not really about being the best but being the best you can be. I really learned a lot from him tonight.


   Today I also didn’t go to school. Didn’t want to because I’d only be there for a little while because I had to go to a viewing today for my Mom’s cousin whom she was very close to. I tried to console her. It’s amazing how it was. The look of a body which has been filled with embalming fluid is crazy. It’s not human to me.

   But, I have nothing more to say about that. I’d go into my distaste for most religion. My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is getting better. My Prozac seems to be working and when those bad thoughts come into my head I just ignore them now, I acknowledge their presence but I just go on letting them linger. It makes me feel better. Maybe soon they will get better and be less prevalent. And, yes…I just looked up what prevalent means just to make sure I was right.

   I also yesterday during my creative writing class found a site to make my own Livestrong style bracelets. I am a cancer survivor so Livestrong is great, but I don’t like people knowing I had cancer. It makes then think lesser of me or they just know I had cancer so I’m ‘different.’ Please don’t do that, it did nothing bad to me, it’s just like my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Just something not so normal…But anyways, I am going to make my own wristband that is teal (which I read online is the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ‘color,’ meaning if you had a teal ribbon it would represent it) and then, imprinted on the wristband (you know how Livestrong bracelets are) are the words "O.C.D." Is Real. Those letters will be painted Emerald Green, my birthstone. I love that color. Then on the inside it will say "Dysfunctional Since April 2, 2009." Cool huh? It would be a nice ring also.



   Well, I’m going to end this for now. See you guys on the board!!!






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