Making friends and relatives in rehabs feel appreciated is one way of helping them recover. Presenting gifts to them this Christmas can mean a lot. Here are some gift ideas for such people.

A gift requested

This is a unique and specific gift to the needs and wishes that he/ she may have. Ask them what they want, and if within your price range get it for them.Christmas for teens in Rehab

Gift of wellness basket

A person in rehab is on a journey towards soberness. There is no better way to wish him/her success towards a full recovery than giving him/her a wellness basket this Christmas. You can put a couple of their favorite things in there.

Membership to a gym

One of the challenges of rehabilitation is health and fitness problem. Visit him/her in the rehab this festive season and pull out a membership to a nearby gym. This will get their metabolism going, release endorphins and get them feeling better about themselves before you know it.

DVD on someone's recovery

A DVD or some sort of interview with someone who has struggled with a similar addiction and has since conquered that addiction. Give him or her hope in seeing someone who was once in their shoes, now happy and living a sober life.

Book on drugs and rehabilitation

A literary book on drugs and rehabilitation is not a bad pick for him/her. It will keep his/her mind occupied and encourage recovery.

Audio CDs

If he/she is the type that doesn’t like to read much than a CD is the right gift for them. Ask what album release they are looking forward to most this year.

Donation to a rehab on their behalf

Donate monetarily or by giving time to another rehab center. Do this on behalf of your loved one recovering.

Musical instrument

A guitar or another musical instrument that they particularly like is a great idea! It will give them something to do with their free time, and who knows they could be a new found artist when they come out!

Gift certificates

Get a list of the items he or she will need during their stay at rehab and give them a gift certificate in the amount that will cover their necessities.

Spending time

Another great gift this Christmas is simply spending time together. Visit the rehab center and talk about childhood memories, Christmas traditions and all sorts of family history. Sometimes quality time with loved ones is all they need.



About the Author

Brian Burgess is the Director of Rehab for Teens, a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for teens in Orange, CA. Aside from his dedication and hard work in supervising drug rehab for teens, Brian also enjoys regularly publishing content on addiction treatment tips, facts and advice, and takes pride in establishing close relationships with the families he counsels.


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