I’m beginning to get pissed off with all the hate that people are giving 13 Reasons Why. I have tried to commit suicide 5 times in the past year, and I could watch it. Better yet, I watched it with my mother. People are saying it’s “too much” and “too triggering” no. That’s not it at all. The only thing I couldn’t watch was Hannah killing herself. Because even if it’s fake, I can’t watch a girl slit her wrists open when I’ve done the same thing. But besides that, I could watch the show. The problem people have with it, is that it’s too real. Because like it or not, suicide is something that goes on in the world. It’s horrible to lose someone to suicide, or even just almost losing someone to suicide hurts like hell. I almost lost 2 friends to suicide when I was only 12 or 13 years old. And it was because they got bullied so much, that they would have rather died. Like, do you realize how incredibly heartbreaking, and gut wrenching that is? Just let that sink in; think, “I bullied a person so much, that they chose to die.” They literally CHOSE to die, because you made everyday life that miserable. And on 13 Reasons Why, you may think the things Hannah lists on her tapes are small, or not a big deal. And some of them are. But, more and more things just kept happening to this poor girl that she literally could not take it, and instead took her own life. And the show is not promoting suicide. A lot of people think so, but it’s not. It depends on how people react and take the show. It’s about time that something pop culture shed a light on serious problems without sugar coating. This girl got bullied, lost all her friends, got raped, sexually harassed/assaulted, stalked, etc. and people wonder why the poor girl killed herself! It’s all right there! I have been sexually assaulted, and I told 4 people who were parts of the staff at my school, and they said they’d take care of it; it’s almost been a month since I reported it. This show should be opening people’s eyes for god’s sake! It’s so real that people cannot handle it! And some people get extremely triggered from things that go on in the show, and I completely understand that; but the show is not horrible like people are making it out to be. It should show people that the things they do to other people that seem small to them, can seem a whole lot bigger to other people. Like people thought just “teasing” Tyler wasn’t a big deal right? THE SEASON ENDS WITH HIM LOOKING OUT TO BE A SCHOOL SHOOTER! That’s another thing! You can make a person so miserable, that they’ll kill you along with everyone else at your school! Like seriously people, think before you speak and before you do anything you might regret. Because you never know what someone else is going through. You could call a girl’s shirt ugly one day, and she kills herself that same night because so many people have bullied her or her depression has lasted for so long, that she wants to finally feel happy again. The show isn’t bad for society. It’s a life lesson.

  1. puraeomallia 4 years ago

    I need to give me opinion on this without receiving backlash. I cannot stand 13 Reasons Why, the whole story is based on a girl who killed herself for crying out loud! Hollywood shouldn’t be pushing suicide in films, its a very sensitive and severe issue in American teens. Movies, shows, jokes, whatever media that promotes or pokes fun at suicide should be banned. Its disgusting. Same with rape, who in their right mind would make a movie about rape or just let a rape joke slide? No one, right? It should be the same for suicide. Suicide, rape, terrorism, politics amongst other things that are sensitive shouldn’t be pushed in hollywood. Its just my opinion.

    – Purae

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      hungryhaley 4 years ago

      I agree to some extent, but I feel like the media and society try to sugar coat and hide/cover real issues. Which I see where your coming from because it is an extremely serious thing. Which, if the book itself would’ve become as popular as the show, it wouldn’t have been as intense I feel. I do not agree with them actually acting out scenes of rape and suicide because the suicide scene itself was too much for me, and the rape scenes were really intense as well. If they would have made it all less intense it might have been better, but also I feel like they’re really just trying to send out a message, but maybe just not in the best way. If that makes sense?

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  2. jayce 4 years ago

    i have a few opinions on this, surprisingly. ive never seen the show, i dont know anything about it beyond the basic concept, not for any reason other than it just doesnt interest me and seems like it would be a bit of a teenybopper, i was the bully in my school though, a horrible one, and im sure it shows. probably a part of me doesnt want to be reminded what a pathetic lowly piece of shit i am when im constantly struggling to live with myself, but hey, justice right? anyway, sorry i guess, if that even means anything from me. of course avoiding the show is as easy as looking the other way, ive never seen it, im not forced to deal with it on any level, and its a good thing that it exists and that its so popular, at least i believe that. i can understand how it would desensitize a problem like suicide, even romanticize it, romeo and juliet probably affected people in a similar way, from what i remember it gets pretty dark near the end, there can also be a problem with over-sensitization with thing like suicide and whatever, to the point that no one wants to talk about it, maybe that sounds familiar, gallows humour black humour, whatever, it can therapeutic, it absolutely has been historically, if you cant write a story about those themes, lighten up smething so common, joke about it, have a little laugh at your own expense, then it becomes this huge thing, like “omg i think have depression, no i cant have depression thats impossible, it cant be, shit i want to kill myself, no one must know!”, it becomes much harder to ascend something that is built so high, thats all i guess, but i could be completely and utterly wrong in the long run, but hopefully i wont be around for that, eh? sometimes it fun to laugh in the face of death, i dont know

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