I’ve never posted about my mental health issues anywhere before. Always just suffered them in silence or made them into a joke so others wouldn’t see how bad they were. The anxiety has been getting worse lately and nothing seems to be helping. My symptoms were always manageable until this last year when my dad got sick. He spent months on the brink of death, followed by more months in various medical facilities trying to recover, eventually living with me for a couple before he was well enough to go home. Despite being stressful in itself, the whole experience was very isolating. My husband and son were and are very supportive, but everyone else I thought I had kind of disappeared. I was just asked to step down from a volunteer board that I was on because of my “missed deadlines” last year. I honestly don’t know what to think or how to get out of this hole of loneliness and isolation I’m left in.

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  1. waterlovesdratini 2 years ago

    I understand how you feel, it is like people is avoiding you and you do not know how to prevent it. You needed some support, you needed some care and concern but do not know who to turn to.. a little care would be enough…

    Maybe writing all these out helps? Maybe someone reads, maybe no one reads.. if someone reads and replied, then you know that someone still cares, if no one replies, at least you sort out your thoughts and it might be easier to cope, many a times feelings persists because we could not understand it.. when we can see it clearly, it moves and disappears. That is my guess, not really tested it out before..

    For me, reading posts helps.. knowing that others are suffering as bad or worse makes me feel less miserable (very bad of me, I felt less alone, I guess)… so write down your real thoughts.. it might help someone, it might help yourself.. that is what I think.

    All the best yeah..

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