i want to cry. i want to curl up under my duvet with my hot water bottle and my cat, and just dissapere forever in a blissfull warm sleep. happy contented.

sounds nice doesnt it?. i go to bed every night hoping it might happen. it never does. i always seem to wake up in the morning. alone, unhappy, dreading the day, seeing people, talking to people. i’d rather stay at home, on my own with my cat,. i sound like i obses over my cat, i dont- just he’s on my bed with me atm, & he follows me about so if im at home, he’s with me. im his person, so im stuck with him. 🙂 not that a mind. Anyway-  i just feel like life is so pointless, why bother with all this shit? the stupid mundane traffic jams, sitting in boring class’s, eating the same food, i hate it. i hate the structer, the regulated times, events, places and people. i get so board of the same things- it makes me question everything. i just think whats the point in doing anything when we’re all going to end up the same. everyones trying to achive the same things. whats the point were does it get you>? nowere. thats were. all this materialistic shit is pointless usless crap. it means nothing. wen we die we have no use for it, we lived with out it in the times of old. we all lived perfectly fine with out the media, with out celebrities, with out exercise and diets. people worked hard, they worked hard to stay alive. now we work hard to buy a new car, a new fone, or fancie clothes so that we may look better. WHY? its such a waste. & what do you do with all that old stuff? i bet its throwen away.. wasted. it could be given to other people. reuse it- reinvent it. think.



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