So recently my mom bought pills…and didn’t tell me what for…so a day or two ago she told me I have to start taking them and made me take 2, I asked what they were for she didn’t tell me so I read the bottles and one is an antidepressant and the other to help with anxiety…but tbh I haven’t been diagnosed with either… probably bc I haven’t been to the doctors in a while. But idk if I should listen and take them…or not….I mean yeah I feel depressed a lot but….I haven’t been diagnosed with depression…and I do get anxiety a lot but…still again haven’t been diagnosed with it…so idk what to do…

  1. jayce 6 months ago

    my opinion, this doesnt sound super chill… she didnt discuss it with you? ask what you thought or if you felt like you need them or anything? sounds like shes worried about you but doesnt know how to handle it. its more than a bit disrespectful if she wouldnt say anything to you about it, especially without seeing a doctor it could be harmful. your body chemistry could react poorly if youre just taking something without some idea of how it might affect you personally, thats why you always see that shit, “ask your doctor”… thats a legit concern. i wouldnt take anything without expert recommendation, thats being safe.

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