My family is…..complicated. My mom went into labor with me while she was in prison, they let her have 2 days with me, then CPS took me away from her. On my birth certificate, my mom didn’t put down a name for the father. My dad is a real dick with a meth and weed problem, my mom didn’t want me in his life but she also didn’t want me to be without a family to love me…so she called my stepmom, the woman my dad was with and told her about me and to fight for me…my stepmom had no relation to me so she couldn’t but she made my dad fight for rights over me…he won and he was the only one who had custody of me. My mom got out of prison and my stepmom gave her visitation days…against my dad’s word though…but then my dad moved us to Arizona and I didn’t get to see my mom that often anymore. My dad also started using drugs again and started cheating on my stepmom…there was a lot of drama and heartache especially when you get pulled in the middle of it…All the drama started when I was 7…I’m 15 now, turning 16 in October and it hasn’t stopped… it’s only gotten worse and it’s so much stress and hurt in this.


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