Hey everyone,

I was diagnosed with OCD a few years ago, the thoughts usually target relationships. I have always dreamt of being in love, getting married, and having children. Yet somehow my OCD would convince me not to enter relationships and I'd have to experience some level of anxiety about dating during the start. I have been dating someone for the past 6 months and it's very serious. For a long time, I had anxiety like "oh I must want to end it, he must not be right" etc. but I was very good about dealing with my OCD and embraced our relationship. We just went abroad for a week together and I started to worry about him checking out other girls, instead of letting it go and ignoring it. I also found out he contacted his ex about helping her with some mission trip she was going on, but hid it from me and told me he wouldn't have told me because I would have been upset. So I worry about what else he'd hide. He's usually so loving towards me and is very sweet, but seems so distant lately. However it may be due to the fact that he knows about my OCD and it worries him.

Unfortunately, my anxiety and OCD have gotten much worse. I can't pay attention in my doctorate classes because I keep thinking about how other girls could be much prettier and funnier than me, even though I'm usually very confident that I'm a pretty, nice, and outgoing girl. I don't know why my OCD is so strong right now but I burst into tears over little things and over analyze lots. My counselor suggested that I call my doctor to see if he would increase the dosage of my Celexa from 20mg to whatever he saw fit.

I'm feeling so depressed, crazy, and like I'm not enough. How do I deal?

  1. Jul 7 years ago

    See your doctor and perhaps get your meds reevaluated….ability works very well for me

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  2. eoian13 7 years ago

    Stress makes it worse hang in there he might be ready not wanting you to stress that's why he didn't tell you about the mission trip. You sound smart and confident so keep it up he still digs you. Just don't push him away with the ocd because it can scare people. Talk to him notice I said talk don't fight and get your medictation adjusted if need be but you will be fine.

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  3. jack_Udall 7 years ago

    I think a lot of the feelings you have are normal with anyone as far as not feeling adequate. I will tell you one thing for sure, you can have a very successful future and relationships with OCD. I have a family and the only thing that makes it hard is that OCD attacks my family (in my head) because I am so worried something bad will happen to them if I don't do something "just right" causing me to re-do things until I am blue in the face. But don't worry about not having a successful relationship because of OCD. I sort of hide it and live alone in this OCD box, but share a good life with a family at the same time. 

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  4. Ablee 7 years ago

    It's normal to feel uncomfortable if someone is contacting their ex.    So you guys may want to go to counseling because now your going to be feeling uncomfortable and don't blame yourself and ocd because that is the part that's ocd (blaming yourself for someone elses actions).  I do the same thing and take on super responsiblity which is part of ocd.  I don't want to tell you which direction to go because that is up to you but I can tell you that stress makes ocd worse and obviously there is stress right now in your relationship so you may be obsessing about that and second guessing yourself.  I am not a doctor just my opinion i hope this helps.   

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