1. i love music.

2. Double spacing irritates me!

3. oh yeah i have OCD.

4. i have 2 younger&annoying siblings.

5. i get along better with my brother now.

6. i'm lucky to have two jobs.

7. i go to college 2 days a week.

8. i nearly killed myself on my 18th birthday.

9. i miss my grandpa more than anyone.

10. I like the feeling after brushing my teeth.

11. i hate dentists.

12. i love lychees

13. i love travelling.

14. i have a boyfriend of 2 years 3 months.

15. i dont have many friends.

16. i'd like to be settled down before im 30.

17. i want to move out asap.

18. i'm currently eating hubba bubba bubble gum.

19. i'm currently on a tight money budget.

20. i passed my driving test first time in june.

21. i passed my driving theory test first time in march.

22. i like vegetable sushi.

23. i love Asian food!

24. i'm still waiting for my camera (christmas present to arrive).

25. I bought myself a new computer last month <3.

26. i've had the same weekend job for 4 years.

27. i'm a summer baby.

28. My room is always messy.

29. i can't go out the house without make up on.

30. i've liven in the same town all my life.

31. i used to go to church every sunday before i worked.

32. i can be a determined person.

33. i'm a female painter and decorator.

34. i get along really well with my bf's parents.

35. i'm going on my first winter holiday on the 24th! (suprise destination!) :s

36. i love my rabbit (Nemo)

37. i suck at caring for fish.

38. i've been to Australia!

39. i spend most of my time in my room.

40. hate is a strong word. But i do hate one person.

41. i want to have a baby.

42. i'm not a morning person.

43. i love driving.

44. i dance&sing the house down when im home alone!

45. i think christmas is tedious.

46. i like buying bargains.

47. i would love to visit America!

48. i'd love to play an instrument.

49. i like fast food.

50. i would like to be slimmer.


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