im stuck on the sidelines, and i always be stuck on the sidelines, because although from the outside looking in my life looks good and maybe even ideal, i mean im doing a useless degree at uni, i have a stupid good for nothing bf, i have a great family, my life seems like hell to me, and its so pointless and worthless because in the end we’re all going to the grave. im not rich, and believe me i would feel a heap better if i was, at least then i didnt need to work to survive, and it mightve even made me superficial and dumb, which is the best case scenario, because what is the point of being smart enough to realise what a shithole this earth is? whats the point of realising that there is unjustice in everything, that humans are extremely flawed creatures stuck with limited intelligence on an earth that they will eventually consume and kill? whats the point of realising that there is no god? at least not in the superificial famed way the major leading religions of this earth want us to believe? if there ever was something that created us (which is unlikely, ill stick with science and facts until otherwise completly disproven) it left a long time ago and never looked back, or it enjoys watching us kill eachother. whats the point of realising that the only people on this earth that you can trust and honestly love will one day dissapear and leave you alone?? there is no point, in my opinion "airheads" are the lucky ones because through their stupidity they are shielded from reality. And honeslty reality in all its presence is one of the worst things that our brains can process.

oh and no offence to any religious people out there,

And whoever said that hell is in fact the life we lead on earth, are starting to sound more and more right… nevertheless life has too much sadness and heartache to make up for beautiful seconds that it delivers so rarely in ones  life.



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