I'm really just worried because I will soon be finding out if I'm getting approved for ssi benefits because I cannot work.I haven't worked in a year now and even the past two to three years that I did it was very little, calling in, cutting my own hours and days, leaving early. So I finally just couldny go at all. It takes so long to be approved and most people get denied and have to appeal many times and this process can take years .so I've already spent a year trying to get approved and if I get denied again I don't what I can do I am so miserable living where and with the people I do ,that I just cant take it,I'm on meds but they just haven't seemed to do anything for the past two years . I wish I could work.I wish I didnt freak out and worry so much about leaving my home.and I really have no one anymore all my friemds have lives of their own and I domt want them knowing all my business and its going to be eight mths simce I ended an eight yr relationship. I cqnt stand the ignorance of some people and i have to live with it on a daily basis here, its not my fault u are a slob and cant ever find anything etc.i cant really talk to my mom because she tells everyone my problems, she doesn't understand and sometimes will just uses it against me/makes fun of me later .I never got along with her I know im her least favorite child. And now I have to depend on her for a place to live and all the stuff I need and to drive me places. I just can't waste anymore time living where I hate it and know I'm really not wanted .I need to get approved, move out and live on my own again. Just to be able to have asomewhat of a life,just anything I can talk to my dad but his life is so much worse than mine that it just makes me more depressed .I just want to be onmy own again.

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  1. emc2 10 years ago

    Thanks for the comment. I know I already have been denied and this is my first appeal. I just want my one bedroom apartment back .I don't like living with other people ,unless it was a significant other than maybe 🙂

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