I like these i stole them fromDaily Strenght. I don\'t think they\'d mind.

 I\'d like to make some suggestions about how to get back on track with living in the moment a bit more.  While you can\'t stop time from marching on or advancements in technology, nor would you want to, you can make healthier choices for your own life.  Here are 7 things you can do to get your life back:

1)      Schedule time each day to be with the people you care about without engaging in another task – no cell phone, computer or other distraction.  This is particularly important if you are a parent.  Note: connecting with your children while driving is great but it is not enough.  You are still multi-tasking.

2)      Turn off the television.  Pick the programs that you want to watch instead of just vegetating in front of the set and indiscriminately watching.  Turn it off when you are not watching something specific that you have planned to watch. Television can be an incredible time suck.

3)      Take more walks with no destination in mind – just for the sake of being outside.

4)      Practice mindfulness which entails being acutely aware of your surroundings – the sights, smells, sounds – for at least 10 minutes per day.

5)      Slow down.  That old adage "haste makes waste" holds true.  Try not to worry about getting everything done.

6)      Prioritize.  When people are forced to identify what really must get done and what is extra and crowding their life their to-do list get significantly shorter.

7)       Just say "No".  If you value your down time then don\'t give it all away by over committing yourself. Extend yourself to others both personally and professionally only to the extent that it leaves time for you to enjoy your moments. It really is Ok to say, "No" but you must get comfortable accepting other\'s disappointment.  In the long run the trade off will be well worth it.


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