Having hiv has been the best and most enriching experience of my life. I\'ve been criticised for saying this in the past and, to be honest, i was hurt by some of the comments I received. Maybe I was being a little insensitive, but I was clearly speaking my truth.

The lifestyle I had before I was infected was destroying my soul. I had no self-esteem, felt worthless. I felt like I was paralysed, totally apathetic. My dreams never manifested, and I was so unhappy.

I was living in london at the time, and that in itself can be the loneliest place on the planet. On top of that loneliness, I was carrying the burden of HIV. My body was failing, my friends were disappearing, and my spirit was dying.

In the end, I made the decision to come back home to my parents. They didn\'t know that i had hiv but they knew something was wrong. The day after I moved home, I told my parents about my illness, and i was relieved. They were destroyed, but they pulled themselves together, and showered me in love beyond measure,. I was, and am, truly blessed. Getting hiv made me come home, made me realise that I was living a loveless existence, and that to heal and become strong again, I needed to have love in my life again. My family embraced me, and held me in loving arms, and for that I will always be so grateful..

Now, I go to John of God in Brazil for spiritual healing. I\'ve decided not to live my life with hiv anymore, and i truly believe that I will be healed one day. And when I do, I will take my life experience, my journey to the world, and hopefully be an example of what\'s possible.

I\'ve been called a dreamer and a fool, but the best of \'reality\' is born out of dreams. 


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