Wednesday it will be a year and I still miss you so much, found myself thinking about you a lot today and looking at your picture that still sits above my desk at work. A picture of you showing your gentle side with Smokey. Not many people knew your kind, gentle, loving side. You hid that from the outside world choosing to show your take no crap, mean biker side, but I knew the real you. I knew when you were scared, I knew when you were sad, I knew that you loved me. You were my rock. I always felt safe with you near. You were my world and now my world misses you more than you could ever know. You were my man, you were a real man, there were no games with you. You called 'em as you saw 'em and you said what you felt when you felt it. There will never be another like you. So I go on missing you even after a year. Our dogs keep me going. Wednesday night I will get together with friends and we will remember you and talk about you with fond memories, but these people do not understand that each and every one of my days are filled with memories of you, some good some bad, but still I cherish each and every moment I spent with you.  You were a gift to my life. I am no longer afraid of the end because the end would mean I can be with you once again at that big biker party with friends who have also gone. I keep going until my time comes and still remember you apologizing to me before you passed. You told me you were sorry for leaving me behind, I loved you so much at that moment. I know you are no longer in pain. You leave me little signs showing me that you are still around, strange things keep popping up at the strangest time in the strangest places. Your presence is still felt. I miss you and you will always have my heart. It has been a year. I miss you, Jack. 


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