This is a semi-true/semi-fictional story about my life. Tell me what you think.


I was seventeen with blue hair, what did I know know? My eyes glanced out the dining room window. The prairie sun swept across the North Dakota field, highlighting an emptiness in my heart. This was home, and yet it wasn't. My physical self sat glued to the chair while my mind wandered far away. I thought about how perfect the field was for a crop circle. My fascination with ETs was nothing new. It's sort of been a life long passion. I thought about sticking up a "Welcome Visitors." sign, but then about a thousand abduction stories came popping up. I shuddered. Maybe that wasn't the best idea. My therapist said that my love affair with aliens is a learned coping mechanism for dealing with loneliness. Something about me feeling like an an alien. Still, if I kept this up, my film could be the next "Signs".

Just like all stupid young girls, I was Hollywood bound. However, unlike all the rest, I was serious. That wasn't so ridiculous, was it? My mind whirled. There was no time to waste. I needed a story, no… wait! First a…. and, what about actors? Never had I been a girl to live in the present. It was all about the future in my book.

Out front, a horn honked. It was of course Ian Ifford, one of my best friends. I grabbed my purse, faked a smile, and headed for the door.


We drove down North Broadway, the "The Fer Sure Song" blasting. Ian ran a hand through his flat ironed blond locks.               "Why do you just leave your hair curly?", I asked.                   " I don't like it curly."

His hair looked so stupid. I hated it straight! He only straightened it because of Kale Dewitt. Kale Dewitt is Ian's ex secret lover, my former boyfriend, and another one of my best friends. Interestingly enough, Kyle Dewitt, Kale's twin, is Ian's current boyfriend. Kyle and Ian both claim that they're bisexual. I don't believe it for a second. On our European trip, Kyle decided that he's two percent straight. This decision was made after he stated that he thought vaginas were nasty. Kale denies having any gay feelings. I didn't always think Kale was gay. After all, I did date the guy. When he started dressing up in my clothes, I got suspicious.

"Where you want to go?", said Ian.                                             "I don't care, Hollywood video, I guess." 

Hollywood Video Store was a popular haunt for me. Only two places brought me peace, the movie theater and Hollywood Video. I scanned the shelves, looking for anything decent that I hadn't already seen. Ian said nothing. My friends knew better than to talk to me while I was browsing for movies. Making my way to the horror section, my personal favorite, I began my mental checklist. Seen it, bad, bad, seen it, "April Fool's Day", …"The Re-animator", "Resident Evil", …"Vampires: Los Muertos". Ugh, I had seen them all.                                                                                       "Greta!"                                                                               "Yeah Ian.", I hollered from the next row.                                   "Let's get this, it's about evil sheep!"

Evil sheep sounded like a definite good time to me. I was pretty much up for anything. A movie didn't need to be good to deserve my viewing. I suppose that really said something about me.


to be continued… 

















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