Dedicated to those who are going through Anxiety, Panic, & Depression – & feel alone & misunderstood:

Please, do not be afraid.
We all have phases we go through in Life. It is not always possible to be Emotionally, Physically, Mentally & Spiritually Balanced & Primed all the time, & it’s okay not to be okay.

I think it's not a sign of weakness, but a measure of strength & endurance to cope with all this, & try to come out of it, no matter how difficult it is. I admire those who give strength & support & stand by you in such times, rather than criticize & put you down for being weak & "very sensitive.”

Life does not always have to be Perfect to be wonderful. With Faith in God & ourselves, Love & Positivity around us, I think we can get through the difficult times. We all need Love, Support & People who Lift us up.

No, it is NOT your fault – you did not attract anything to yourself. We might have made choices which may have not turned out well, but always remember – All mistakes are Lessons in Disguise.

Have Faith in yourself. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Try & Let go of all Anger, Fear, & Hurt – & the Past. Today is another day, & you are going to get through this. Even if it is step by step…you will get through this. Sometimes it is in the darkness when we learn to embrace our own Light – & only when we hit rock bottom, we realize that the only way is up.

Your Life is waiting. You have a choice to Make it beautiful. Your future depends on the Beautiful, Happy, Positive, & Loving choices you make Today – starting right now. Even if it is just in the Little things around you:

– Saying enough is enough to negativity & toxicity
– Walking over to the window & taking a deep breath
– Smiling & not really caring what anyone thinks
– Putting some flowers on your desk
-Changing your Desktop wall paper to something you like
-Having something you love for lunch, not what you think you should
-Hugging someone
-Taking a little walk in the nature; looking at all of the natural beauty around you
– Reading something uplifting
-Just looking around you & being grateful to be alive – to be able to
see, smile, feel the warmth of the sunshine, etc.

Lets get together & BAN the Fears & what gets you down – one by one.
You can do it – have Faith, think Positive, & Never give up.
Each day, is a New Beginning – A New chance to turn things around.
Everything will be okay – Just never stop believing.


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